Product Scanning Information

Natural Products Expo West and Engredea Attendees can utilize the Mobile App to scan the Exhibitor Products displayed in the showcases located in the Level 100 Lobby of the Anaheim Convention Center.

Many exhibitors have chosen to profile their newest products in the showcases and the mobile app allows attendees to scan the showcase and favorite/save the information to their mobile app.

Step 1: Once you log into the mobile app, please scroll down to the section called Product Scanning and open to access.

Step 2:  While at the Product Showcase in Level 1, ACC, locate the QR Code adjacent to the product you wish to learn more about.  

Step 3:  From the Mobile App inside the Product Scanning section, click Scan a Product Showcase
  -- The mobile app will ask you to allow access to utilize the camera on your device to scan the QR Code.  

Step 4:  Scan the QR Code.

Step 5:  Once you Scan the QR Code, you then have the ability to "Favorite" the Showcase by touching the Heart on the screen.  

Step 6:  Continue Scanning until you have reviewed all products you are interested in learning about. 

Step 7:  Go to My Showcase Favorites and see the list of Companies you have favorited.  Now you can walk to the show floor to meet with these companies in person.

**Please note that the companies will also have access to the Attendees who have scanned their products following the show**