Eating Animals

  • Saturday, 03/11/2017: 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Room: Marriott, Marquis Ballroom Northeast

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A panel discussion exploring the realities of contemporary animal agriculture

Every year in the U.S., over nine billion farmed animals face needless stress, pain, suffering, and death on factory farms. Industrial animal agriculture is also detrimental to humans and the environment. Through the development of meat alternatives and the adoption of regenerative organic agricultural practices, we can transition to healthier, more just and more sustainable food systems. Leading animal advocates will discuss the complexities and implications of dietary choices, food ethics, sustainability, and the climate crisis as they relate to our food supply.


Leah Garcés

Leah Garcés is the Director of Compassion in World Farming USA. Compassion in World Farming was founded over 40 years ago and works to end all factory farming practices. Leah has worked to advance higher welfare for farm animals for well over a decade and has authored and edited several reports and books on animals in agriculture, and is a contributing writer for Food Safety News.


David Bronner

David Bronner is Cosmic Engagement Officer (CEO) of Dr. Bronner’s, the top-selling brand of natural soaps in North America and producer of other organic body care and food products. In accord with its mission to fund and fight for just causes, Dr. Bronner’s financially supports a variety of leading animal advocacy organizations that are working to reduce the suffering of farm animals and advocating for a transition to healthier and more sustainable food systems. David is a dedicated vegan of over two decades and a vocal proponent of regenerative organic agriculture.

Aaron Gross, PhD

Aaron Gross is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Farm Forward. Aaron S. Gross has played a leadership role in a wide variety of national and international farmed animal welfare campaigns in the Americas, India, and the Middle East since the mid-1990s. While collaborating with novelist Jonathan Safran Foer on Foer’s internationally best-selling critique of industrial farming, Eating Animals, Gross saw the need for an organization devoted entirely to ending factory farming and creating humane and sustainable alternatives to it.

Michele Simon

Michele Simon is the Executive Director of the Plant Based Foods Association, which works to ensure a fair and competitive marketplace for businesses selling plant-based foods intended to replace animal products, by promoting policies and practices that improve conditions in the plant-based foods industry, and by educating consumers about the benefits of plant-based foods. Michele has 20 years of experience in food law and policy.


David Bronner

Cosmic Engagement Officer (CEO)
Dr. Bronner's

Leah Garcés

US Executive Director
Compassion in World Farming USA

Aaron Gross

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Farm Forward

Michele Simon JD, MPH

Executive Director
Plant Based Foods Association