Climate Workshop: Why Plant Based Foods Are Good for Your Business & the Planet

  • Friday, 03/10/2017: 10:00 AM - 11:15 AM
  • Room: Marriott, Elite 1
  • Session Number:   EW40


Even if you’re not yet concerned about climate change, your customers probably are. The timing couldn’t be better for plant-based foods to become more popular, given the myriad benefits for our health and that of the planet. Yet this young industry also faces challenges. The labeling of non-dairy alternatives is now the subject of Congressional legislation, pitting the entrenched dairy lobby against relatively new plant-based food companies, and causing quite a stir in the media. 

Don’t miss this timely and engaging session with four leaders of the industry as they discuss this controversy, along with the latest environmental research, retail sales data, and consumer trends driving the success of plant-based foods.

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Lisa Feria

Stray Dog Capital

Mo Payette

Mother's Market & Kitchen

Michele Simon JD, MPH

Executive Director
Plant Based Foods Association

Aubry Walch

Herbivorous Butcher