What the Show is doing...

  • Our energy consumption metrics are collected for duration of event
  • Carbon offsets for convention center 
  • RECs (Renewable Energy Credits) are purchased for energy usage
  • No HVAC during move in/move out
  • Lighting levels are set to 50% during move in/move out
  • Enforcement of non-idling ordinance of 5 minutes or less for suppliers and exhibitors
  • Created travels offset options that can be activated during the registration process 

What our Sponsors are doing...

Anaheim Convention Center & NPEW Host Hotel Greening Sponsor

  • We offset 100% of the electricity used at the ACC, Marriott, and Hilton via renewable energy credits through the Bonneville Environment Foundation!  

Our Partner

  • A partnership with South Pole to offset our energy consumption at the event venue.