March 3-7, 2020

Anaheim, CA USA

Sustainability Program: Carbon Energy

What the Show is doing...

  • Our energy consumption metrics are collected for duration of event
  • Carbon offsets for convention center 
  • RECs (Renewable Energy Credits) are purchased for energy usage
  • No HVAC during move in/move out
  • Lighting levels are set to 50% during move in/move out
  • Enforcement of non-idling ordinance of 5 minutes or less for suppliers and exhibitors
  • Created travels offset options that can be activated during the registration process 

What our Sponsors are doing...

Anaheim Convention Center & NPEW Host Hotel Greening Sponsor

  • Thanks to the support of our sponsor, we are able to offset 100% of the electricity and water used during Natural Products Expo West at the ACC, Marriott, and Hilton. This equates to 1,785 water restoration credits and 1,121 renewable energy credits through the Bonneville Environment Foundation!  

Our Partner

  • We partner with South Pole to offset the carbon impact of staff travel to and from the Natural Products Expo West Show.