What the Show is doing...

  • Leftover material (food and booth supplies) donated to local non-profits including Habitat for Humanity and Second Harvest Food Bank.


  • On Thrusday morning at the Community Breakfast, the Naural Products community will be partnering with Children's Hunger Fund to fill boxes of heathy food to be donanted to familys in need. Our goal is to make 4,000 Food Paks


What our Sponsors are doing...

Community Breakfast Philanphropic Sponsor

  • KeHe is not only supporting the philanthropic efforts of the Community Breakfast, but is also helping to collect all of the food that will be donated to fill healthy Food Paks for families in need.

Diversity in Natural Networking Event Sponsor

  • Diversity in Naturals Networking event is a Happy Hour where people of all races, cultures, genders, backgrounds and orientations of the natural products community come together to celebrate and recognize our individual differences. 

Our Partners

  • Childrens Hunger Fund will be proving empty Food Paks to be filled with healthy food at the Community Breakfast. After the Paks are filled, they will put them into the hands of caring church volunteers who will deliver them directly to the homes of children and families in need.