March 2-6, 2021

Anaheim, CA USA

Expo West 2020 Updates

April 15, 2020

Update: Next Steps for New Hope Network’s $5 Million Expo West Cancellation Fund  

The intent of this fund is to support the most vulnerable exhibiting brands impacted by the Expo West 2020 cancellation, with special consideration given to companies that support organic, transparency, sustainability, Fair Trade and regenerative agriculture—all values and practices New Hope Network advocates for in the marketplace.

Through the backing of our parent company Informa, the New Hope Network established a $5 million fund to support the most vulnerable companies significantly affected by the Expo West cancellation. An independent advisory council was formed to help us establish the criteria for how we best manage and disperse this fund. 

Based on the advisory council’s guidance, the majority of this fund will be directed toward smaller companies and emerging brands, which we’ve primarily defined as being first- or second-year Natural Products Expo exhibitors in 2020 with annual net revenues of less than $2 million in 2019.

In dispersing the fund, New Hope will lean into supporting the underlying values of the natural & organic products industry by also taking into consideration whether an Expo West 2020 exhibiting company:

  • Sells products that are certified Organic, Non-GMO Verified and/or carry other values-based certifications that support organic, transparency, sustainability, Fair Trade and regenerative agriculture (such as Regenerative Organic Certification, Fair Trade certification, Demeter Biodynamic certification, etc.) 
  • Is a certified B Corps company

An Expo West 2020 exhibiting company does not have to carry these types of certifications to be considered but we will take them into account in dispersing funds.

We will also take into account the non-New Hope costs an exhibiting company incurred as a result of the Expo West cancellation, including GES, freight and other expenses that have not been refunded or credited. Domestic travel costs will not be included.

To allow us to collect the necessary information to disperse these funds, an email was sent to the main contacts of all Expo West 2020 exhibiting companies on April 14 with a link to an application. If you were an Expo West 2020 exhibiting company and do not believe your company received the email with the application link, please check with the individual your brand designated as the main contact for Expo West, email or connect with your New Hope account manager

Exhibiting companies interested in receiving money from the fund should submit their application by 5 p.m. MT on Friday, April 24.

New Hope will make all final decisions regarding funding allotment and will base our decisions on the guidance that has been provided by the independent advisory council. The New Hope sales team will notify companies of their funding allotment by Monday, May 18.

We know that many of the more than 3,700 companies that were slated to exhibit at Expo West 2020 have endured hardship, loss and disappointment in relation to the cancellation of this annual natural & organic industry event. All registration badges and education and training passes have been refunded and every exhibitor and sponsor is receiving a full credit toward Expo East 2020, Expo West 2021 or other New Hope programming. And yet, we recognize that registration, exhibitor and sponsorship fees paid to New Hope are but one piece of the financial investment companies make to participate in Natural Products Expo.

The $5 million fund is intended to help offset these non-New Hope expenses for what will inevitably be a relatively small portion of the Expo West 2020 exhibiting community. This reality is likely to cause further frustration for some of our Expo exhibitors, and we apologize in advance for our need to prioritize helping some companies more than others. This is not a reflection of our appreciation and gratitude for each of our Expo community members; it’s a reflection of our own financial limitations right now. By making the decision to suspend Expo West, we have incurred significant costs and liabilities that are not covered by our insurance and are therefore irretrievable. 

In addition to this $5 million fund, we are exploring other ways to lean in to support the Expo community, as are many of our vendors, partners and Anaheim hotel properties. We all do this at a time when our businesses too have been significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and like you, we also are focused on taking care of our colleagues and their families.

We thank the natural & organic community for the patience, grace and support you’ve shown us since the Expo West cancellation, and we wish you all the best as we collectively navigate our way through this global health and economic crisis. Our industry is proving that we are stronger together and will get through this together.  

March 27, 2020

Natural Products Expo West 2020 Weekly Update

Group Show Director for Natural Products Expo, Lacey Gautier shares an update on Hotel and Vendor partners of Natural Products Expo.

March 20, 2020


Community Update Video from New Hope Network

SVP of Content and Market Leader Carlotta Mast and Director of Sales Elliot Howell provide an update to our community on questions related to the cancellation of Natural Products Expo West 2020.


March 13, 2020

The Expo West Experience Is Going East in 2020
What This Means for You

After consulting with key partners within the natural products community, New Hope Network has decided that, due to the developing circumstances around the COVID-19 virus, we will not move forward with hosting a rescheduled Natural Products Expo West event in Anaheim in 2020. We are shifting our focus and resources toward making Natural Products Expo East 2020 (Philadelphia, Sept. 23-26) this year’s world-class innovation showcase and community gathering needed by the natural & organic products industry.

2020 will be the first time in 40 years that we will not host an annual natural & organic products show in Anaheim. We’re disappointed, and we know many of you will be as well. So, what are we doing about it? We are directing our attention to Philadelphia and are excited about the opportunities we can provide the industry via our increased exhibition and gathering spaces within the Pennsylvania Convention Center and the plans we have for showcasing the industry’s emerging brands, new product innovations and sustainability efforts in unique ways.

Our goal is to create the energy, experience and excitement delivered every year at Expo West. We hope you will join us in Philadelphia. To that end, the New Hope team will be working closely with all of our Expo West partners, exhibitors and attendees to find the best solutions for them in Philadelphia or through New Hope’s other products and platforms.

To learn more about next steps for you, please see our FAQ page. We have answers to your questions.

The $5m New Hope Fund

New Hope established a $5m fund to support emerging brands significantly affected by the Expo West 2020 disruption, ensuring we help many of our most vulnerable and impacted community members.

An independent advisory council has now been formed to help us establish criteria for how we best manage and most fairly disperse our $5 million fund.

In addition, this council will be advising how to ensure we make Expo East 2020 the most valuable innovation and community event possible for retailers/buyers and brands large and small and will provide input and ideas for how we best serve the industry in Philadelphia and beyond.

Led by industry veteran John Grubb, a former managing partner of Sterling-Rice Group and the current board president of Naturally Boulder, this group is comprised of leaders from across the natural & organic products community, including:

  • John Foraker, Co-Founder & CEO, Once Upon a Farm 
  • Jane Miller, CEO, Lily’s Sweets 
  • Julie Smolyansky, CEO, Lifeway Foods 
  • Katlin Smith, Founder & CEO, Simple Mills 
  • Vincent Kitirattragarn, Co-Founder & CEO, Dang Foods 
  • Angela McElwee, President & CEO, Gaia Herbs 
  • Blair Kellison, CEO, Traditional Medicinals 
  • Lisa Curtis, Founder & CEO, Kuli Kuli 
  • Richa Gupta, Founder & CEO, Good Food for Good
  • Ibraheem Basir, Founder & CEO, A Dozen Cousins
  • Lara Dickinson, Executive Director, OSC2 
  • Terry DeBlasio, Buyer, PCC Markets 
  • Wayne Wu, General Partner, VMG 
  • Andy Whitman, Managing Partner, 2X Partners 
  • Tony Olson, Owner & CEO, SPINS 
  • Brandon Barnholt, President & CEO, KeHE 
  • Eric Schnell, Co-Founder, Beyond Brands 
  • Bob Burke, Principal, Natural Products Consulting 
  • Jim Slama, Founder & CEO, Good Food Accelerator and FamilyFarmed

The advisory council convenes for the first time on March 16 and will aim to deliver guidance to the New Hope leadership team by the week of April 6.

Next Steps and Actions

With the community already rallying around our move to Philadelphia in 2020, we are looking forward to welcoming many of our Expo West partners and community to Expo East. New Hope’s account managers will be in touch with all Expo West exhibitors and sponsors to discuss their best options for Expo East and beyond. New Hope will also be in touch via email with Expo West attendees regarding refunds for their 2020 badge registrations, education upgrades, and training and tour registrations.

We have been in discussions with our 60 hotel partners and other event vendor partners in Anaheim and, while policies vary between companies, we will be providing updates on our FAQ page in relation to deposits and charges related to the March show.

As we look to bring more of the Expo West community to Expo East in 2020, we are committed to doing everything in our power to make our Philadelphia event the best it can be for the entire natural & organic products community.

Stay tuned for further updates and news of some exciting features and partner events to come in Philly this fall.

Connecting With Us and the Industry Online

We also have digital resources that we encourage the community to use to help you discover the newest products that were slated to debut at Expo West, learn about industry news and trends, and make new connections and move your business forward. Check out our online platforms at, and You can also find more information about our digital resources within the FAQs.

March 9, 2020

Natural Products Expo West Update

A week has now passed since New Hope Network made the difficult decision to postpone Natural Products Expo West in response to the global COVID-19 situation. We know the impact of the postponement across the natural & organic products industry has been significant, and we are committed to doing all we can to alleviate that impact.

Along with communicating with many of you, we at New Hope Network have been in discussions with the 60-plus Anaheim hotel partners that provide lodging through the Expo West hotel block and other Expo West vendors to determine how we all can best support the companies and individuals impacted by the postponement.

We are also in the process of forming an independent advisory council to assist us in deciding how to best and most fairly utilize the $5 million fund we established to support emerging brands and others most significantly affected by the Expo West postponement. Starting today, we are working with a group of brand CEOs, retailers and other industry leaders to participate in this advisory council.

In addition, efforts are underway to explore the options and feasibility for hosting an Expo West pop-up event this summer, given the developing COVID-19 situation and other industry events planned over the next six months.

We thank the community for its continued trust and patience as we work through the many details required to find the solutions that will allow us to best support you while ensuring we are able to deliver the value and experiences you have come to expect from New Hope Network and Natural Products Expo. We are working hard to have more concrete details to share later this week. New information will be sent via email, posted online at and shared through the Natural Products Expo social media channels.

March 3, 2020

Expo West Community Message

The many conversations, emails, text messages and social media posts that New Hope Network has engaged with since we communicated the hard decision to postpone 2020 Natural Products Expo West due to the COVID-19 situation tell us that the many in the natural & organic products community seem to be breathing a sigh of relief today. We also recognize that, alongside this relief, many community members may be feeling disappointment, frustration and uncertainty, particularly our community entrepreneurs and those individuals and companies that had already traveled to Anaheim and were in the process of setting up for the show.

Regardless, everyone in the community, from our exhibitors to our attendees to our Anaheim partners, is asking: What’s next?

As we are less than 24 hours from postponement, we are working through the many questions posed and will continue to do so in the coming days, weeks and months. We commit to providing you the information you need as soon as we are able and ask that the broader community allow us time to determine the appropriate next steps to enable all of us to navigate through this unprecedented situation together.

As we stated in our postponement announcement, New Hope—with the support of our parent company, Informa—intends to work with all our exhibitors and attendees on future credits and support, with a particular focus on the many exhibiting entrepreneurs and small businesses who are the heartbeat of this community and for whom we are going to stand up a fund of $5m targeted at their specific needs. We are working through what this will look like for each of our exhibitors or attendees, and we are committed to listening to you as we determine next steps.

We also stated that it is our intention to deliver a Natural Products Expo West event by the summer to serve the community. We are evaluating options and feasibility for this event, while also recognizing that we must keep a close eye on the COVID-19 situation. Twelve to 24 months of planning go into a typical Expo event, so determining what we can successfully execute on this year is one of our top priorities. We will share news on this with you as soon as we are able.

Alongside all of this, we must continue preparing for Expo East 2020 in Philadelphia, and we see a particularly good opportunity to fill some of the void created by a postponed Expo West within our East Coast event. The new location and energy that we are already building for Expo East can be used to support those brands looking to showcase their product innovations, those retailers and buyers seeking the latest natural & organic offerings, and those community members seeking a platform for collaboration, education and camaraderie.

In addition to focusing on our events, New Hope will also prioritize using our content and digital platforms to support our brands, highlight innovation, foster connections, and drive thought leadership in the natural & organic market.

Thank you for trusting in us to find the solutions that will allow us to best support you while ensuring we are able to deliver the value and experiences you have come to expect from New Hope and Natural Products Expo.

March 2, 2020

Natural Products Expo West 2020 has been postponed

Natural Products Expo 2020: Community Response and Support

Since the international situation on COVID-19 started in late January, New Hope, and our sister companies around the world have been guided by local government and health authority advice, as well the views of the communities we serve, in making decisions about our portfolio of events.

Our commitment to serve and support our communities has led to the postponement/rescheduling of a number of events elsewhere across our wider group, to a date later in 2020.

In the particular case of New Hope’s Natural Products Expo, the situation has been very different in that the show was in-flight, with production underway, when the views of the community started to diverge. Some of our partners strongly advocated continuing with the show as planned. Some of our partners wanted the show, but not now, and some just wanted a straight-forward cancellation.

Over the last 48 hours, we have worked with the Community to try and serve those who want the show by delivering a great experience, and support those who want it, but not now, by working on credits and alternatives.

It is now clear, despite continued advice from local government and health authorities that the City of Anaheim remains open, that the majority of our Community want the show, but they do not want it now.

Following that clear guidance, we have listened to our community and are making four important announcements:

  1. Natural Products Expo West in March 2020 is officially postponed, with the intention to announce, by mid-April, a new date. 
  2. It is our intention to work with all our Exhibitors and Attendees on future credits and support, with particular focus on the many entrepreneurs and small businesses who are the heartbeat of this community, for whom we are going to stand up a rebate fund of $5m targeted at their specific needs. 
  3. It is our intention to deliver a Natural Products Expo West event before the summer to serve the community, either in Anaheim or a suitable alternative location. 
  4. We are already working on how we deliver a much-enhanced Expo East in September in Philadelphia, serving and supporting the community with the best show we have ever had on the East Coast. 

Fred Linder, Group President of New Hope Network, said:

“As with all our events, it was the intention here at Expo West in Anaheim, to follow official guidance from local authorities and to listen to the voices of the community we serve and support, in order to maximise the health of the industry.”

“Today, it is clear the majority of those voices are saying they want Expo West but not this week. And so we are being guided by that majority in postponing the show.”

“We will be working closely with all our customers and partners across the industry to identify a new date for the show later in the year, and providing the service and support to deliver the connections and experience everyone expects from Expo West and the New Hope Network.”

March 1, 2020

Open Letter from New Hope Network on 2020 Natural Products Expo West

As the organizer of Expo West, we have received many calls from within this community on the impact of travel restrictions and other control measures introduced in certain countries and locations following the spread of COVID-19. We are reaching out to all our exhibitors, partners, attendees and suppliers to provide an update and further clarity about this year’s show.

Many of our partners due to attend Expo West have urged us to continue with the show. Many have suggested we postpone it. The polarity of responses leaves us in a difficult position, as we do not want to upset or let down anyone in our community.

Our primary concern is and will always be the safety of our guests and colleagues. We are monitoring the situation and following the guidelines set-forth by our federal and local government and health agencies and are in close on-going contact with local Anaheim authorities.

Based on all this information, including looking at other venues in the Anaheim area, our intention is to continue to serve and support the industry by moving ahead with Expo West 2020. To ensure the health and safety of everyone at Expo West, we are taking very specific control measures around the show and on-site facilities including:

  • Asking those traveling from countries with a CDC Level 3 travel restriction to not make the trip. 
  • Adding washing stations outside and hand sanitizing stations in the convention center in addition to the existing ones provided by the building; plus adding hand sanitizing stations in the Marriott and Hilton Hotels. 
  • Overseeing that all food safety and sampling guidelines are adhered to, in cooperation with the Orange County health agency personnel who will be on-site. 
  • Implementing the cleaning of all high-traffic areas multiple times daily in addition to the standard overnight cleaning. 

The motivation behind this decision to continue on with the show is to serve and support the community we are part of and that Expo West helped to build over the last 40 years. We weighed the supportive advice from authorities and our community while balancing the financial impact to all involve.

New Hope Network is looking to provide the most up-to-date information on who will be participating in Expo West next week. We have officially received notice that some exhibiting companies will not be participating. A list of these companies can be found on the website.

In addition we have received information that certain members of our buying community will not be participating, including Kimberton Whole Foods, HEB / Central Market, Costco, Advantage Solutions, MOM's Organic, Harris Teeter, National Co+op Grocers, Whole Foods Market, Fresh Direct, Cambridge Naturals and Advantage Solutions.

Through information we have obtained and conversations we’ve had, we estimate that we will see a 40-60% drop in attendance from previous years. Despite the decreased attendance, we believe there will still be a robust level of activity throughout the Expo West campus, and we are hearing from exhibiting companies still planning to attend that they are looking forward to connecting with their peers and doing business while in Anaheim.

To this point, we are asking those attending to volunteer information on your participation in Expo West on this official Natural Products Expo LinkedIn post. We will be posting this on all other Natural Products Expo official social media channels, and via email in an effort to provide as much information as we can.

Additionally, to reflect the difficulties of this situation, we want to provide as much support as possible to our exhibitors who depend so much on the platform that Expo West provides them. We are committed to working with those exhibitors who will not have the conversations or make the connections they need to, to find other ways to support them, either through Expo East or other products and platforms. We also recognize the investment our partners and constituents have made and will work to identify options to mitigate costs over the coming weeks.

New Hope Network is dedicated to serving and supporting the natural products industry around the world. For more than 40 years, we have made it a priority to be transparent and open with the dynamic and connected natural & organic products community.

We want to thank everyone that is part of the wider Expo West family for your input, views, support and encouragement over the last week, and we will continue to monitor this fluid situation.

Fred Linder, Group President New Hope Network
Scott Owen, Executive Vice President New Hope Network
Carlotta Mast, Market Leader New Hope Network

February 29, 2020

Letter from Carlotta Mast, SVP Content & Market Leader

Thank you to everyone who has shared their thoughts and current decision making about Natural Products Expo West, in the face of the COVID-19 situation. This is helpful for New Hope Network to be able to get more input on how the community is thinking and feeling. From what we’ve heard thus far, it seems companies and individuals are taking a varied approach, depending on many factors ranging from corporate travel policies to personal risk assessments.

The health and safety of the Expo community is a priority for New Hope Network, and we are in close communication with the City of Anaheim and state and local health authorities to assess the situation on an hour by hour basis. Following the guidance of these official organizations, we are still planning and are excited to host the show in Anaheim next week. Based on medical data and the situation on the ground, Anaheim theme parks, sporting and event centers, schools and workplaces are operating as usual.

We are receiving cancellations from some exhibitors and retailers, and we still have many more that are planning and excited to attend. We recognize that the experience of this year’s show will be different from years past, and we are committed to reviewing the impact on participants.

Natural Products Expo West does convene a large group of people, and every person and organization will need to decide whether to attend given the media coverage and fluidness of the situation. Like many of you, we will continue monitoring things closely over the weekend and will provide updates as they are available.

- Carlotta Mast, SVP Content & Market Leader, New Hope Network

February 27, 2020

Update from February 27, 2020

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at Natural Products Expo West next week. As our exhibitors and attendees are preparing for the show, we are closely monitoring the news including any updates on Coronavirus (COVID-19). At New Hope Network, we are committed to the health and well-being of all those impacted and we offer our sincerest condolences to our community members who have been directly and indirectly affected and who will not be able to attend the event.

The majority of our Chinese exhibitors are unable to participate in this year’s event and a small number of companies are reducing their presence due to corporate travel policies.

You may have read about the local emergency declared by Orange County yesterday. This is in response to the federal government’s attempt to designate a center in Costa Mesa as a future Coronavirus medical support site and has no impact on the Natural Products Expo West event.

As the show nears, our team is working hard to welcome thousands of exhibiting brands and industry members to another successful Expo West. We are taking preliminary precautions by providing additional hand washing and hand-sanitizing stations throughout the event and increasing cleaning in high traffic areas.

As you’re planning travel, we encourage you check this page for more updates and follow a few tips for a healthy Natural Products Expo including:

  1. Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly
  2. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your elbow when you cough or sneeze
  3. Don’t touch your face with unwashed hands 
  4. Consider replacing the typical business handshake or hug with an “elbow shake” or fist bump
  5. Stay home or in your hotel room if you feel sick or are coughing or sneezing 
  6. Make sure to pack your regular supplements, hand sanitizer, and other travel accessories you use to stay healthy on trips 

We can’t wait to see you in Anaheim as we gather this inspiring community for another year of showcasing the latest innovations in natural products and hosting important discussions about the ways we can work together to improve the issues facing our world today while bringing more health to more people.

Original Message Regarding Coronavirus

The New Hope/Informa team is closely monitoring developments of the Novel Coronavirus, which first emerged from Wuhan, China, in December 2019. The health and safety of the community that gathers at Natural Products Expo West is our top priority and we are following all safety advice and precautions as recommended by the US Department of Health and Human Services, as well as the World Health Organisation (WHO). Please rest assured that while we are monitoring the situation as an international business, and staying up to date on official sources of updates and guidance from the government and authorities, it’s entirely business as usual for our events.

Given the global nature of Expo West, we will also continue to monitor the restricted travel from impacted areas within China and the screening procedures at international airports.

In an effort to elevate and enforce our food safety and sampling guidelines, we are growing our partnership with the Orange County Health Care Agency to ensure that the show is achieving the highest of standards expected by the industry. Onsite you will see approximately 15 food safety advisors walking the floor to provide exhibitors with health and safety resources, advice and if necessary, corrections.  You will also see an increase in handwashing stations, dishwashing stations and Mrs. Meyers hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the show.  Be assured in the current climate, the Orange County Health Care Agency and the Natural Products teams have worked together in a strategic, proactive approach to identify any potential risks regarding food preparation and open sampling.  It is the responsibility of all of us to deliver the healthiest and safest event for everyone.

Many of our international exhibitors have been directly impacted by the Coronavirus and are unable to participate in this year’s event.  We are committed to the health and well-being of all those impacted by this public health threat and we offer our sincerest condolences to our community members who have been directly and indirectly affected.