March 3-7, 2020

Anaheim, CA USA

Sustainability Program

Official Guide

We recognize our trade show has an impact on the environment. Through our Sustainability Program, we are striving to identify, understand, and address these impacts to achieve continual improvement year after year. Our areas of focus: waste management, energy and water conservation, sustainable procurement, and community engagement.

Program and Efforts

A partnership with South Pole to offset our staff travel and energy consumption at the event venue.

Continued partnership with GES to procure more sustainable products for the conference, including recyclable signage, reuse of banners, and carpet with recycled content that is recyclable at the end of its usable life

Development of Sustainable Exhibitor Guidelines for all exhibitors

Condiments and beverages provided in bulk rather than individual servings

Plastic single use water bottles have been eliminated

Electric cars and hotel shuttles provide group transportation to and from the event

Working towards a Zero Waste Breakfast

A Sustainable Exhibitor survey and program that provides exposure to companies with green practices

A sustainability kiosk that highlights our efforts

Find out how you can show your commitment to the environment at Expo West 2019! Click which category describes you best:

As we continue this journey, we invite you... our attendees, exhibitors, and suppliers, to partner with us along the way. We believe that working together; we can not only minimize our environmental impact, but also leave a positive legacy in our host city of Baltimore and be leaders in our industry. 

Partner Greening Efforts

Anaheim Convention Center - one of the largest convention centers in North America to become LEED-certified venue.

GES - certified to the ISO 20121 and ASTM/APEX Level 2 Exhibitor Services standard

Aramark - concentrates on responsible sourcing, waste minimization at their Green Zone, efficient operation and fleet management through their Green Thread program

Marriott - working to integrate sustainability across the organization by working to reduce environmental impacts, source responsibly, and build and operated sustainable hotels

Sheraton - recycling of partially used amenities through Clean The World, Electric car charging and “Make a Green Choice” program

Hilton - recycling of partially used amenities through Clean The World, responsible food sourcing and water use reduction are just a few of the many initiatives Hilton utilizes


What can be recycled at the Anaheim Convention Center?

The ACC offers a single stream recycling program which accepts the following: plastics 1-6, glass, aluminum, food and beverage cartons, cardboard, and paper products.

Are compostable materials accepted at the Anaheim Convention Center?

Yes, the ACC collects compostable materials including: food waste (bones and proteins included), compostable serviceware, and paper towels.

As an exhibitor, how do I participate in the donation program at the end of the show?

There is a form in your ESK that goes over the guidelines and acceptable materials. You may also ask the GES Servicenter representative or your show floor manager. 

How do I become a Sustainable Exhibitor?

Check out our Sustainable Exhibitor page for more details on what the program looks like and to fill out the survey to participate. 

Can I have compost and/or recycling service in my booth?

We are currently looking into options to offer compost and/or recycling service in booths. Check back or contact New Hope for more information. 

Can I offset the impact of my travel to NPEW?

Yes, there are many ways you can contribute to offset your impact. South Pole will have an app onsite to calculate your impact with the ability to offset! 

What sustainable/alternative transportation options are at NPEW?

Share a Lyft or Uber with fellow Expo goers, Catch Your Spark electric cars and hotel shuttles can provide group transportation or walk to and from your hotel!

Who can I talk with to learn more about the New Hope Sustainability Program?

If you questions, comments or concerns about the New Hope Sustainability Program email us at 

Contact Us

Do you have thoughts, questions or suggestions about our sustainability program? If so, we'd love to hear! Please reach out at 

2017 Sustainability Summary

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