Mary Laguardia

Omega-9 Oils Market Manager
Dow AgroSciences


Mary has spent her entire career marketing fats and oils to the food processing and food service industries. As such, Mary has witnessed the evolution of technological advances in fats and oils in response to changing dietary trends. She specializes in applying the latest advances in healthy oils to help the food industry offer good tasting, healthful food in a cost effective manner.
Mary currently markets Omega-9 canola and sunflower made from Dow AgroSciences seed technology. Mary's main role is to create awareness and demand for healthy oils in the food industry. In cooperation with the Omega-9 Oils Ingredients Solutions Team, Mary has helped food companies replace over 1.5 billion pounds of “bad” fats in the North American food supply with heart-healthy oils.
Prior to Dow AgroSciences, Mary held positions in marketing, sales and business development with leading food ingredients companies.


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