Trish Flaster

Executive Director, Botanical Liaisons


Trish is Executive Director of Botanical Liaisons, LLC, an ethnobotanical consulting firm providing botanical standards, international botanical sourcing, sustainable development of botanical ingredients, intellectual property rights, and development and implementation of Botanical Quality Assurance programs.

Trish developed the first virtual herbarium for economic plants. She is also co-founder of IDDI,, a compliance based company helping companies to confirm ID and specifications required by FDA GMPs. She is focused on reviewing all documents to confirm identification, transparency and chain of custody in the dietary supplement industry.

Skilled in botanical and chemical experience, she also consults in the Cannabis Industry on testing, supply chain, quality and research.

Trish worked for Shaman Pharmaceuticals as their Botanical Sourcing Manager where she was an Ethnobotanist on their international ethnobotanical expeditions, expanded their sustainable international agricultural programs, and developed their in-house botanical program. Prior to this she was the Botanist for Celestial Seasonings where she developed new ingredient sourcing, developed several quality control analytical test procedures, founded their corporate environmental program, and designed and implemented the herb garden.

As an Adjunct Faculty member at Bastyr University, Trish developed the only class on methods of sensory evaluation for botanical identification, she is a Research Associate of the Missouri Botanical Garden, Past External Advisory Board of the NIH Botanical Research Center at the University of Iowa and UCLA, Editorial board member of Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing, scientific board member for American Botanical Council, United Plant Savers, and American Herbal Pharmacopeia, founder and Editor of the Society for Economic Botany's Newsletter " Plants and People" where she is a past board member.


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