Dana Geffner

Co-founder and Executive Director
Fair World Project (FWP)


Dana Geffner has been working in the Fair Trade movement for nearly two decade. She is the co-founder and Executive Director of Fair World Project (FWP) an NGO which started in order to promote a just economy, insist on integrity in Fair Trade and cultivate a holistic approach to global economics. She is editor of For A Better World, a
magazine that discusses challenging issues that face our global economy focusing on a just food system that supports small-scale farmers, protects workers' rights and encourages trade policy transformation. She is on the board of two fair trade organizations: Equal Exchange and Tradiciones de Mayas (Guatemala). Her passion is to engage consumers so they can participate in creating a more just economy through the market and in transforming policy. She focuses on educating consumers and retailers about mission-driven brands that put people and the planet before profits.


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