Jane Franch

Director of Quality, Sourcing & Sustainability
Numi Organic Tea


Jane Franch is the Director of Quality, Sourcing & Sustainability at Numi Organic Tea, where she is leading the development of Numi’s climate initiative, among other exciting projects. Prior to Numi, Jane has many years of professional experience working with clients large & small to develop, implement and maintain robust & credible ethical sourcing programs. Her work has taken her to 5 continents and countless villages, where she has had the privilege of getting to know the people and places that grow our tea, coffee, cocoa, hazelnuts, coconuts, mangos, and other delicious treats.

Jane holds a BA from UC Berkeley, an MS from the University of Washington School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, and a graduate certificate from the UW Evans School in International Development Policy and Management. Additionally, she is a trained auditor in numerous voluntary certification schemes, including ISO 9001:2011, Starbucks C.A.F.E. & Cocoa Practices, SA8000, UTZ Certified, Fair Labor Practices, Fair Trade USA, Sustainably Grown, and Equitable Food Initiative.


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