Lenny Lebovich

Founder & CEO
Pre Brands


Lenny Lebovich is proud to be a Beef Geekā„¢. But he didn't start out that way. He was an investment banker by trade when he was asked to help expand one of Chicago's oldest meat companies. This led to a realization: that the fresh food industry can operate in the same way other consumer products companies do -led by consumer data, insights and trends. For the beef industry, retail's largest category, this is nothing short of a revolution.

Lebovich left to build the first consumer-driven fresh foods company from scratch. He traveled over 103,368 miles and did enough research to fill a library on his quest to find better tasting beef that's better for you. Pre was established in 2012 with first product launch in 2015-and it's been the fastest growing beef brand in the U.S. ever since.


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