Perry Fields

Frau Fowler


Perry is a former US Track and Field athlete, who graduated from Clemson University. She is a food scientist and packaging engineer. Perry is welsh for “Pear Tree,” and the name is her mother’s maiden name. Her grandfather was Dr. William Perry who delivered countless babies in rural South Carolina, as well as other general practitioner duties. Perry has been a health coach for the past decade, with a history for figuring out the impossible. Her clients were from all corners of the world, sick with autoimmune and infectious disease. She is also a medical non-fiction author and pioneered alternative medical practices to treat Lyme disease. She has a strong interest in plants and plant medicine. If she’s not in an art museum, throwing a pot, making something yummy to eat or reading non-fiction books, you can probably find her outdoors in the woods somewhere, hiking or mountain biking.


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