Brad Gruno

Unna Goods


After transitioning out of the Telecommunications industry, Brad Gruno was 40 lbs overweight, depressed and wondering what was next. Everyone experiences a moment of clarity in their lives; Brad acted on his.

As an all-in type of guy, Brad leveraged his struggle into an opportunity by taking on a raw diet, exercise, yoga and meditation. He made a promise to craft the best possible products to achieve that same happy, healthy lifestyle. It was this promise, and an all American entrepreneurial spirit, that led him to be known as the guy that “found kale, before kale was cool."

It’s been almost a decade since Brad Gruno founded Brad’s Raw Foods, and with his ability to bring together a team of passionate health food innovators, he transformed that company into a 20 million dollar enterprise, promoting health and wellness principles across the United States. In 2013, Brad wrote and published his first book, Brad’s Raw Made Easy, which further promotes those principles.

But all of this wasn’t enough for Brad. Soon, he began looking for the next path to recapturing for others that feeling of wholeness and balance he found with a raw food diet. This search led him to the world of Hemp. Brad has traveled thousands of miles, searched for the best farmers, the best scientific minds and personally, did the most comprehensive research. UNNA GOODS is the result. Wellness and balance, at a cellular level.

Brad’s passion for promoting wellness and his promise to always craft the best products to achieve the happiest and healthiest lifestyle continues with UNNA GOODS. Brad understands that a company is only as good as the people that surround him, so he is passionate about building a team of forward-thinking leaders, who are equally committed to harnessing the benefits of hemp, empowering and educating others about those benefits, while giving back to our nation’s veteran communities. One product, one person at time. Brad's promise continues…


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