Daisy Freund

Director of ASPCA Farm Animal Welfare


Daisy Freund is the Director of the ASPCA's Farm Animal Welfare program, overseeing the organization's efforts to improve the lives of farm animals and build a more compassionate food system through public education, corporate engagement and public policy reform. In this role, Daisy has focused on increasing the availability of more humane alternatives to confinement-based agriculture, and connecting farm animal treatment to the other core issues of the good food movement. Among other initiatives, Daisy launched the ASPCA's consumer education program, Shop With Your Heart, which equips shoppers with the resources they need to understand labels and find higher-welfare food; the Good Groceries Guide, a digital resource created in partnership with environmental, labor and public health groups; and Open The Barns, a social media movement of farmers and animal lovers opposing whistleblower-suppression and advocating for more transparency in animal production. Daisy joined the ASPCA in 2012, bringing to the job a diversity of experience in food systems and communications, including livestock farming, restaurant management, public relations and journalism.


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