Heather Marvin

E2E Innovation


After graduating with her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Colorado Boulder, Heather received her MBA with a Finance and Accounting focus from Regis University in Denver, CO.

Heather has held the positions of Controller, Director of Supply Chain, and Director of Innovation Services. Heather has built accounting and reporting systems to support growth and rapid, risk-mitigated decisions. Key roles also included negotiation of supplier, manufacturer, transportation, and warehousing contracts. While growing an early-stage CPG, Heather had the unique experience of being hands-on in all areas of business, gaining a deep understanding of interdepartmental needs. This cross-disciplined insight allows Heather to create processes for project management to balance fast-faced entrepreneurial spirit and rounded business discipline. Prior to her career in CPG Heather worked in both quick-service and chain restaurants. Currently Heather is a principal of E2E Innovation, an end-to-end food innovation consultancy providing services from ideation to commercialization.


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