Dr. Martha Clare Morris

Professor, Department of Internal Medicine
Rush University Medical Center


Martha Clare Morris: Dr. Martha Clare Morris is Professor of Epidemiology, Director of the Rush Institute for Healthy Aging and the MIND Center for Brain Health, and Assistant Provost of Community Research at Rush University in Chicago. She received her doctoral degree in Epidemiology from the Harvard School of Public Health. She has over 20 years experience studying risk factors in the development of Alzheimer's disease and other health problems of older persons, and in particular, how nutrition relates to these conditions. Dr. Morris has published findings on the relations of diet patterns, antioxidant nutrients, dietary fats, and the B-vitamins to these conditions. She is the lead creator of the MIND diet for healthy brain aging and is also the Principal Investigator of a multi-center randomized trial of the MIND diet to prevent Alzheimer's disease and author of the book, "Diet for the MIND".


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