Dr. Michael Grandner

Director of Sleep and Health Research Program
University of Arizona


Dr. Michael Grandner is a licensed Clinical Psychologist certified in Behavioral Sleep Medicine, Director of the Sleep and Health Research Program, and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Medicine at the University of Arizona. His clinical work focuses on non-medication treatments for sleep disorders. His research examines the relationship between sleep and obesity, diabetes, heart disease, daytime functioning, and longevity. His work has received awards from the Sleep Research Society, American Academy of Sleep Medicine, American Heart Association, and other organizations. He is author or co-author on over 100 academic publications. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine and the sleep and wellness task force for the NCAA. He has worked with several nutrition organizations, including the Council for Responsible Nutrition. He is a frequent consultant and speaker on the issue of sleep health and has been invited multiple times to brief the US Congress on the issue of sleep and health.


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