Joe Heitzeberg

Founder & CEO
Crowd Cow


Joe is a steak lover, entrepreneur, and co-founder and CEO of Crowd Cow, the very first company to bring single-farm craft beef to the doorsteps of American eaters. The idea behind Crowd Cow was born when friends and co-founders Joe and Ethan were in the grocery store, and found themselves wondering: Why is it you can choose from hundreds of wines of all different varietals, vintages, and regions, while beef is a commodity purchase?

Today, Crowd Cow is curating the most delicious steak from craft beef producers and introducing Americans to the diverse flavors of different breeds, finishing programs, and farming regions -- and creating connections right down to the first name of the farmer that raised the steak on your plate. Prior to Crowd Cow, Joe ran Madrona Venture Labs and founded two high-tech companies. He lives in Seattle with his wife, son, and binchoutan grill.


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