Norah Eddy

Salty Girl Seafood, Inc.


Norah has worked in and on the water all her life, having spent countless days at sea and working in fisheries all over the world. An avid surfer and all-around water woman, her passion for fisheries stems from an upbringing in a small New England fishing town. After working aboard commercial fishing vessels in Alaska, Norah completed her master’s thesis at UCSB, working to improve the Galapagos lobster fishery. Upon receiving her master’s degree she managed an international, multi-stakeholder fisheries and marine spatial planning project. In 2014, she co-founded Salty Girl Seafood with the aim of creating positive change in the seafood industry and global oceans and grew it to an internationally recognized seafood brand. At Salty Girl, Norah focuses on sales, business and brand development, sourcing, and sustainability. Salty Girl has challenged the seafood industry to be more transparent, improve their sourcing standards, and be more responsive to customer needs. Norah is a frequent speaker on the topic of sustainable seafood, the future of our global oceans, and the role of innovation in marine conservation.


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