March 7-11, 2023

Anaheim, CA USA

Sustainability Program


What can be recycled at the Anaheim Convention Center?

The ACC offers a single stream recycling program which accepts the following: plastics 1&2, glass, aluminum, and cardboard.

Are compostable materials accepted at the Anaheim Convention Center?

Yes, the ACC collects compostable materials including: food waste (bones and proteins included), compostable serviceware, and paper towels.

As an exhibitor, how do I participate in the donation program at the end of the show?

There is a form in your ESK that goes over the guidelines and acceptable materials. You may also ask the GES Service Center representative or your show floor manager.

How do I become a Sustainable Exhibitor?

Check out our Industry Impact page and click on "Are You an Exhibitor?" for more details on what the program looks like and to fill out the survey to participate.

Can I have compost and/or recycling service in my booth?

Yes! We currently offer porter service for recycling, compost and trash. Simply place an order for this service through the ESK!

Can I offset the impact of my travel to Expo West?

Yes, New Hope offers the opportunity to offset travel to the show in the registration portal.

What sustainable/alternative transportation options are at Expo West?

Share a Lyft or Uber with fellow Expo goers, and hotel shuttles can provide group transportation or walk to and from your hotel!

Who can I talk with to learn more about the New Hope Network Sustainability Program?

If you questions, comments or concerns about the New Hope Sustainability Program email us at [email protected].

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