March 7-11, 2023

Anaheim, CA USA

Guide for Exhibitors

Welcome to the How-to Guide

Navigate digital extras that make your event experience better.

Please read through this guide before chatting to our support team

Should you still need support, please email [email protected].

We appreciate your patience in advance as there may be a wait due to increase support during peak times.


  1. Add [email protected] to your allow list.
  2. Watch for the email “NPEW 2023 Exhibitor Platform Access: Action Required”.
  3. Use your magic link within 48 hours or you’ll have to request again.

TIP: Bookmark the Exhibitor Center and Attendee Area for easy web access.

Adding co-workers to your Booth Profile allows them to edit, answer meeting requests and chats, and share contacts made during the event with other Team Members.

1. Make sure your co-workers (only relevant to the virtual booth) have registered in advance. 
2. Once they have registered, they will receive the NPEW Exhibitor Platform Access email from [email protected]. This email must be opened within 48 hours to authenticate.
3. Now the Primary Contact may add those co-workers as team members to their Booth Profile.

TIP: If you are unable to find a co-worker to add to your booth, that probably means the Primary contact must allot them a badge in the Exhibitor Console.

Note: you cannot remove team members from your Booth Profile. Please contact Client Services at [email protected] for assistance.


Being able to manage your Booth Profile determines how attendees engage with your virtual booth, product listings, and representatives. 

  • Home – shows welcome message and where to go for help.
  • Booth profile – allows you to add your company info, docs, and items.
  • Meetings – allows you to manage meeting availability and requests.
  • Leads board – allows you to view your booth statistics and export leads.
  • Your team – allows you to add team members and hide their profile.

In the “Booth profile” Overview area, you’ll notice the sections you can modify are indicated by an “EDIT “button.

TIP: To view your booth changes from the perspective of Attendees, you’ll want to move to the front-end of the Expo West platform via “Switch to the Event” in the upper-right of the screen.

Uploading your logo to your profile will make it easy to recognize in other places like the Exhibitor list. We recommend using a 400x200px (2:1 ratio) image, no larger than 1MB.

Upload a custom designed header banner to your profile. We recommend using a 1200x675px (16:9 ratio) image, no larger than 1MB. Have a custom designed video you want to show off? Upload it to YouTube or Vimeo, then copy and paste the URL into the Video ID bar.

TIP: Try changing up your image or video ahead of each event to keep your profile fresh

Quickly get the message across with a succinct company description. Make sure to add attribute and category tags.

Make sure the critical contacts are listed.

Click on “ADD AN AD” to upload an image to your sidebar banner. You can include a URL redirect to an outside webpage or one of your product pages. We recommend using a 1080x1920px (9:16 RATIO) image, no larger than 1 MB.

Click on “ADD BACKGROUND”. You can include a URL redirect to an outside webpage or one of your product pages. We recommend using a 2560x1600px (16:10 RATIO) image, no larger than 1 MB.

Adding “Documents & Links” in the Booth Profile helps round-out your profile. Just “Add documents” on the right of the screen.  You can either upload a document or paste an URL.  Give your Link or Document a title (mandatory) and an overview (optional). Please note the maximum number of characters for each field: 80 max for Title, 160 max for Overview.

TIP: Think of this section as your portfolio but can only be seen by those visiting your booth.

Showcase your newest offerings to Expo attendees. Under the Booth Profile section, create a “Products & Services” with a category, sub-category, name, and description. Please note once a Product or Service is created you cannot edit categories, so it is important to choose carefully.

Once you click “Create”, a window will appear so you can add an image (400×400) and additional attributes. Products & Services will be visible from your Booth Profile as well they will be listed under the ‘Products & Services’ section once we go live!

TIP: By uploading Product Flats you can further educate the audience on your product!

Add a Show Special to highlight promotions, deals, discounts, and giveaways during the Expo. Under the Booth Profile section, create a “Show Specials” with a Name, Description, Link, and image (400×400).

To maintain quality and integrity at the virtual product exhibitions, the New Hope Network Standards team reviews product labeling and marketing as we do at all Natural Products Expo events. The Standards team may perform minor revisions to a non-compliant product description and/or remove non-compliant documents (marketing). You will be immediately notified of any changes made to your online exhibit.
Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions regarding the Expo Standards.


In the run up to the event, switch to the Event view to find and connect with your potential buyers by searching the “Attendees” list by name or filters based on specific criteria.

We encourage you to try-out our suggested AI matches!

TIP: Improve matching by dismissing irrelevant suggestions.

Having found your people, go to their profiles to send them a connection request. You can accompany your request with a message to humanize the connection.

TIP: A list of all your connections can be viewed and exported in “My Event” > “My networking”.

To quickly chat with any of your contacts, use the messages area in the upper-right.
You can even create a group discussion from one of your contacts.

Depending on the current time slots defined by the event organizer, you may notice meeting availabilities on attendee profile pages, whether they are a contact or not. Sending requests for virtual meetings are easy and may very well lead to them accepting.

After selecting a slot, choose a meeting place and then “send meeting request”.

TIP: Adding a message along with your meeting request will increase the likelihood of being noticed and accepted.

In the event your request is accepted, you will immediately receive a notification within the platform and an email reminder 10 min beforehand the meeting.

TIP: Make sure to regularly log-in to see if you have any notifications about meeting requests

You can now manage your booth’s meeting availability for opportunities defined by the event host. This availability management only affects the Exhibitor Booth and not each Team Member’s ability to accept requests as individuals.

Your Company’s meetings can be managed in your Exhibitor Center “Meetings” area. Here you can see and filter all Team member meetings, assign a team member, accept/decline requests, and export a full list.

TIP: A red pin next to Meetings indicates you have a pending notification, so check it out!

TIP: A pending meeting will block a meeting slot. If your meeting is not confirmed after several days, don’t hesitate to cancel it to free up the meeting slot!

All the above references link to the page of your meeting and will show a “Join Meeting” button in the hour leading up to it. If you are using this feature for the first time, look for the pop-up asking for permission to use your microphone and camera and choose “Allow”.


  • Complete your booth profile: logo, description, filters, social networks, website, team members, etc. This includes category, distribution status, and new launches. A completed profile helps with matchmaking and is three times more likely to be consulted.
  • Improve the relevance of matchmaking by bookmarking your favorite exhibitors, sessions, and items.
  • Ask your team members to complete their personal profile to increase their chances of being contacted.
  • Consider allowing team members to participate and interact for maximum lead generation.
  • Sponsor a session of the program: showcase your company to all participants attending the session. See all Sponsorship & Marketing Opportunities.
  • Communicate about your participation in the event: social networks, website, emails. Let the world know that you will be exhibiting! As a little extra, encourage your community to contact you through the event application.

Whether physical or virtual, you have the ability to score, assign keywords, and take notes about an attendee that you have connected with. This allows you to make notes as you engage, making it easier to follow-up after the event. These features are available directly at the bottom right of their profile.

One of the first things you’ll notice in “Leads board” area is your company analytics, which provides key figures about your participation.

At the right side of your Exhibitor Center Leads board, you will see the top three visitors to your virtual booth. The visitor’s name is clickable and redirects to the attendee’s profile, where you can reach out to them. Just below the top three visitors you’ll notice the ability to choose to “See all”, which lists up to 200 of the most recent visitors. Note: it can take up to 1 hour for the most recent visits to appear. These visitors are also included in Leads export.

You can also pull your personal contacts. In the top right-hand corner of the attendee front-end, you can click your initials for the dropdown menu and choose “My Contacts”. On the left-hand side click on DOWNLOAD in the “Export my contacts” section.

A lead is someone who has demonstrated interest in your company or product. You may “EXPORT LEADS” data at the right side of the Leads board area.

TIPFollow-up with leads 24-hours after initial contact to demonstrate optimal responsiveness.